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           Bagi yang lagi ada tugas cari drama lagenda dari indonesia, namun harus pakai bahasa inggris. sekarang jangan pusing lagi, karna disini ada drama malin kundang versi english.

selamat membaca...........!!!!                                  


 Once upon a time, on the north coast of Sumatra lived a poor woman and his son. The boy was called Malin and his mother was called Mak Eroh.
                One day,Malin kundang met one of the successful ship’s crew. He offered Malin to join with him. Then, Malin ask to his mother.
                Malin : Mande… Mande, what if I sail overseas ?
                 Mande : “Are you sure son ? looking for  work in big cities is more difficult than searching work    in our village  “
                Malin :” Mande.. if I stay here. I’II always be a poor man. I want to be a successful person.”
                Mande : “ if you really want to go, I can’t stop you , I could only pray to god for you to gain success in life but , promise me ! you will come home ! “
                In the next morning, Malin Kundang was ready to go
                Mande : “ take a good care of yourself,son ( gave some food supplies ) “
                Malin : “ yes  Mande, you too have to take a good care of yourself. I’II keep in touch with you (kissing his Mande’s hand ) “
                Mande : carefully my son… don’t leave me for so long
                Three months later, there was no news from Malin Kundang. Every morning his mother stood on pier and wished to see the ship that brought Malin Kundang home
                Mande : “ oh god.. where is my son ? why there is no news from him, is he in good there ?
                Beside that,Malin Kundang hardwork in the overseas. He work with a merchant because his honestly, Malin got confidence from the merchant.
                One day, the merchant’s daughter come to workplace of her father
                Malin : ups.. sorry, are you OK ?
                Miska : oh yeah.. that’s OK, what is your name ?
                Malin : Malin, and you ?
                Miska : Miska !
                Malin : what are you doing here ? 
                Miska : I want to meet my father. Do you know where he is ?
                Malin : who is your father ?
                Miska: my father has this place
                Malin : are you kidding ?
                Miska : no, I’m seriously !
                Malin : are you merchant’s daughter ?
                Miska: yes, Do you know where is he ?
                Malin : oww.. a merchant’s daughter is so beautiful girl
                                OK..  I will show where your father
                Miska : oh, thank you
                Malin : excuse me sir ! your daughter is looking for you
                Miska’s dad : oh, my daughter, what are you doing here ?
                Miska : my  dad ! dou you remember next week ?
                Miska’s dad : hhmm.. what will happen ?
                Miska : don’t tell me you forget !
                Miska’s dad : oh yeah.. I remember. It’s your birthday, isn’t it ?
                Miska : yes dad!
                Miska’s dad : OK, we will make a birthday party
                Miska : oh thank you so much my dad
                At the first met, Malin and Miska became near and Miska often came to her father workplace
                When Miska’s birthday party
                Malin :  the first I meet you . I’m falling in love , so.. will you marry me !
                Miska : are you sure to marry me ?
                Malin : of course.. I will make you happiness with me ever after and I love you
                Miska : why not ? I  love you too
                One day someone came to Malin’s house to get a job to be a bodyguard
                Bodyguard : excuse me sir ! May I work with you as a bodyguard ?
                Malin : I think I don’t need a bodyguard
                Miska : My husband.. how if we allow him to work with us because nowadays, you look so busy
                Malin : well, I allow you work here
                Bodyguard : oh thank you very much sir, I will work hardly
                After several years, his wife want to do travelling with their ship, not accidentally, their ship stopped at AIR MANIS BEACH . The malin’s mother surprised.Without hesitation his mother came running to hug malin. Because his mather has be old and wear ugly clothes, he was ashamed to admit his own mother in front of his beautiful wife.
                Mande : oh god,finally you answer of my pray. I could not be wrong, my eyes still easily recognized him, he is my son… ! Malin .. you’re back son, I miss you so much
                Miska : stop ! who are you ?
                Mande :Malin.. I’m your mother. You don’t recognize me?
                Miska : Darling, is she your mother ? why is she look like beggar !
                Malin : no darling, I don’t know who is she ? my mother was die
                Mande : malin….don’t you recognize me..? I’m your mother
                Malin : I don’t know you
                Mande : owh.. she is your wife. Your wife is so beautiful women
                Miska : get out poor woman. Don’t disturb us. Bodyguard, take this old woman out of here
                Malin : give here some money, so he won’t disturb me again !
                Mande : I’m not a beggar. I ‘m your own mother
                Bodyguard : hy old woman.. go away from here. If you want some money. There you are !
                Mande : Malin, my son. I gave brirth and raise you. Why do you treat your own mother like this?
                Bodyguard : shut up.. Don’t much talking. Get out from here
                Malin : OK.. let us back to ship
                Bodyguard : well sir, she is only a crazy women
                Mande : Malin, don’t treat your own mother like this ! don’t leave me again!!
                As soon as, Malin,his wife and bodyguard left the beach and his mother sat alone in the pier. Her heart was so hurt,she cried and cried
                Mande :  oh Dear god.. If he isn’t my son, please let him havea save journey. But if he is, I cursed him to become a stone
                Suddenly.. the wind blew so hard and thunder storm came. Malin Kundang hug his ship was wrecked
                Malin : what happen ? the storm is so big !
                Miska : aaaaaaaa !
                Malin : oh.. Mother, forgive me... MANDEH…..
                Finally Malin Kundang, his wife,bodyguard and their ship turned into a stone
                Mande : please, forgive my son. MALIN……..

                                                               ^_^THE END*_*

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